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Santiago, Metropolitan Region


My name is Ronald Osborne, 59 years old and live in Maipu near the city of Santiago, Chile, but was born and raised in Malvern, Worcester UK, the second eldest of 5 I am a qualified administrator with over 35 years experience.

I have acquired many skills and qualifcations over the years such as a Film Projectionist,TEFL (Teacher of English for Foreign Learners),Display Screen Assessor,Forklift Driver and REME First Class Accountancy (The honour of being the first civilian to get this).

My main interests are Family, Natural Medicines,Photography, Art and Crafts, Running, Cycling, Treasure Hunting and Website Building. I was a very keen runner over the years and competed at a very good level, not international class but at domestic and club level, representing Worcester Athletic Club for many, many years.

I really do enjoy photography and always look for the opportunity to take a good photograph anywhere I may be at the time.

Cycling is just for pleasure and mainly getting to and from work, but one thing I did do Cycling was in April 2002, where I raised money for the UK National Asthma Campaign participating in an event called Cycle Peru 2002, along the very tough but fantastic Inca Trail in the Andes, quite an amazing experience, especially camping up in the Andes for many days.

I also love Treasure Hunting, especially with my Metal Detector, though have not found the ultimate hoard of gold coins yet.

I am married to Jenny with whom we have two children, Joshua and Sofia. Jenny is an accomplished artist in her own right as is all her family as you will see over the coming weeks and months.

Anyway thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon.

Bye for now



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Female Head Bust


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Red Sky at Night Shepherds Delight